Rocketeer Spirit Pages!

Huge Update!

Well, it’s been a while since I last updated my website, but rest assured that I have been very busy. As of late, I’ve been working on several comic book covers for IDW PUBLISHING.  It all started with a pencil and inked cover, which will appear as the cover of issue #3 of T.H.U.N.D.E.R. AGENTS. My good friend, Steve Downer was assigned coloring chores on the cover, and the two of us started something of a chain reaction. Before I knew it, we were working on a DANGER GIRL cover, and then we were hired to do alternate covers for IDW’s MARS ATTACKS JUDGE DREDD four-issue mini series. Following that,  I was later hired to pencil issue #2 of ROCKETEER/SPIRIT: PULP FRICTION, written by legendary comic writer, Mark Waid, with inks by the great Bob Wiacek, and colors by the spectacular Jordie Bellaire!  I hope you’ll visit your local comic shop and/or will place orders for these comics online. Your support for my work is greatly appreciated!

So, I’m pleased to report in, and to share with you some of the covers that I have illustrated for IDW in the recent months. When I’m allowed to do so, I’ll try to preview a few pencilled pages from ROCKETEER/SPIRIT here on my website.  Thanks to everyone who visits my website on a regular basis. I’ll do my best to start updating more regularly in the future, so stick with me! I hope you enjoy the cover images.

The Rocketeer with colors by Steve Downer

I loved doing this piece, but now it’s even better! Check out these awesome colors from Steve Downer!

Steve’s done fantastic work for Marvel and DC. If you’re not familiar with him, do yourself a favor and check out his site: Tell him Loston sent ya!

Pencils by Loston, colors by Steve Downer

Pencils by Loston, colors by Steve Downer


I did this drawing of the Dave Stevens’ classic comic book pulp character the ROCKETEER as a FREE DRAWING for Bat Hill, who pre-ordered my new sketchbook, “MYTHOS”!  Everyone who pre-orders the “MYTHOS” sketchbook before June 2nd will receive a FREE SKETCH/DRAWING with their copy of the book!  The ROCKETEER is one of my favorite characters, so I hope you like your drawing, Bat, and I’ll have your  sketchbook and drawing mailed out in early June!