Cory McNutt received his copy of MYTHOS and his free art a few weeks back.  Being a fan of Greek Myths, I was very happy to obligue Cory when requested that I draw his MINOTAUR hero for him! It sure was fun to illustrate!


Jeff Bigler is a good friend of mine, and a talented artist in his own right.  He and I used to be teammates on the CITY OF HEROES online game. When Jeff pre-ordered his copy of MYTHOS from me this year, he requested that I draw his principle character, SATURN-KNIGHT for him. I hope you like the book and the artwork, Jeff!

Bayani and Planet Girl

Here’s a couple more of the free drawings I did for Kris Fenol, who pre-ordered two copies of my 2009 sketchbook, MYTHOS. The first drawing is of Kris’s character, BAYANI, a martial arts hero with the power to manipulate fire into weapontry!  The second character, PLANET GIRL is a creation of Marcy Fitz-Randolf. Hope you liked the books and drawings, guys!



Planet Girl

Planet Girl

Solid Snake

Another “MYTHOS” drawing; this one for Jason: “Solid Snake” from the Metal Gear Solid–complete with mullet! Thanks, man!


Another MYTHOS drawing, here’s Mike Mignola’s Hellboy, going out to John Harman (a.k.a. Harmakhet on the Ugga Bugga board). I hope you like it, John; it’s always fun to get a chance to draw this character. I’m a huge fan of “Hellboy”; I really enjoyed drawing this. Look for your book and drawing in your mailbox very soon.

“Dark Knight” Robin

From Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns,” here’s Carrie Kelly as the slingshot-wielding Robin. This one’s going out to NickGuy on PJ. Book will be in the mail tomorrow, man!

The Ghost Who Walks

Another MYTHOS sketch, this one’s for Ed. It’ll be in the mail tomorrow, Ed!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Mythos Sketch)

This one goes out to Norman Hardy, AKA Popninja at PencilJack.com. Thanks, Norm, and hope you enjoy the sketchbook!

HeroesCon 2009/MYTHOS has arrived!

Once again, I’m honored to be a featured guest at HEROESCON, June 19 – 21, at the Charlotte Convention Center in Charlotte, NC. I hope you’ll stop by my table and say hi! I don’t have an assigned table number yet, but as soon as I do, I’ll be sure to post it!

My convention prep work is almost complete–I’m pleased to announce that my MYTHOS sketchbooks have just arrived from KA-BLAM, and they’ve done another wonderful job! They also did a spectacular job on my new color “Circe” print (colors by Olli Hihnala). The prints and the MYTHOS sketchbook will be on sale at my table, and I’ll also be doing sketches throughout the weekend. Come by and check them out!

By the way, it’s not too late to pre-order MYTHOS and get your free sketch! The deadline for pre-orders is June 15; see my earlier post below for all the details.

HeroesCon is one of my favorite cons because of its family-friendly atmosphere. Sheldon Drum and company always pull out all the stops, delivering the best comic book show in the South. And since it’s Father’s Day weekend, it’s a great place for father/child outings. Bring the kids and have a wonderful time!

Look for this awesome display at HeroesCon 2009!

Look for this awesome display at HeroesCon 2009!


I did this drawing of the Dave Stevens’ classic comic book pulp character the ROCKETEER as a FREE DRAWING for Bat Hill, who pre-ordered my new sketchbook, “MYTHOS”!  Everyone who pre-orders the “MYTHOS” sketchbook before June 2nd will receive a FREE SKETCH/DRAWING with their copy of the book!  The ROCKETEER is one of my favorite characters, so I hope you like your drawing, Bat, and I’ll have your  sketchbook and drawing mailed out in early June!