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Suicide Squad Commission #5

Suicide Squad Commission #4

Doctor Strange

Iron Man: Now in COLOR!

Here is the color version of the Iron Man pencil commission that I recently completed. I added color digitally via Photoshop and added in a gradient fade and a digitally painted cloud for good measure. Click the image to see it in full-size glory!

Also, you can save it as one of your favorites at my DeviantArt site: http://lostonwallace.deviantart.com/

Iron Man

Iron Man Races to Birthday Bash

A commission purchased as a birthday present for a young Avengers fan. I did this as a tonal rendering using B pencils on 11×14 Bristol. I combined Iron Man’s Mach 6 and Mach 7 suits from the movies to arrive at this final look.

Iron Man is on the way!

Iron Man is on the way!

Magnus Robot Fighter

Here is a commission for the 1960s Gold Key comic character Magnus Robot Fighter with his girlfriend Leeja, done for Rick Fortenberry.