Leonidas Lunchbox!

More for Boss Fight Studio… the Leonidas Lunchbox. How cool is that?

Available for pre-order here, andĀ video here.
And a shot of the lunchbox:

Darvold Elven Swordmaster!

My latest for Boss Fight Studio: The card back for the fierce Darvold Elven Swordmaster figure. Color by the talented Steve Downer.

You can get pre-order it fromĀ Megalopolis.

And a shot of the figure:

Ms. Marvel

ROM TPB cover!

I was thrilled to find out that my cover for Rom issue #4 is now the cover for the Rom: Cold Fire, Hot War TPB!

See it at IDW Publishing

Suicide Squad Commission #5

Suicide Squad Commission #4

ROM #4

Cover for IDW Publishing
Color by Steve Downer.

Doctor Strange

Venom lookin’ swole