Iron Man: Now in COLOR!

Here is the color version of the Iron Man pencil commission that I recently completed. I added color digitally via Photoshop and added in a gradient fade and a digitally painted cloud for good measure. Click the image to see it in full-size glory!

Also, you can save it as one of your favorites at my DeviantArt site:

Iron Man

Iron Man Races to Birthday Bash

A commission purchased as a birthday present for a young Avengers fan. I did this as a tonal rendering using B pencils on 11×14 Bristol. I combined Iron Man’s Mach 6 and Mach 7 suits from the movies to arrive at this final look.

Iron Man is on the way!

Iron Man is on the way!

Magnus Robot Fighter

Here is a commission for the 1960s Gold Key comic character Magnus Robot Fighter with his girlfriend Leeja, done for Rick Fortenberry.

Suicide Squad: (Com)Mission #3

This is my third commission for collector Bill Cox. This piece pits the Squad against the Rhedosaurus from “The Beast From 20000 Fathoms”!

Be sure to expand the image to see it in all its glory!

Suicide Squad Commission 3

Suicide Squad Commission 3

Suicide Squad #2 with Colors by Steve Downer

The dynamic duo of Wallace and Downer strikes again!

Suicide Squad Commission 2 Colors by Steve Downer

Suicide Squad Commission 2 Colors by Steve Downer


Cory McNutt received his copy of MYTHOS and his free art a few weeks back.  Being a fan of Greek Myths, I was very happy to obligue Cory when requested that I draw his MINOTAUR hero for him! It sure was fun to illustrate!


Jeff Bigler is a good friend of mine, and a talented artist in his own right.  He and I used to be teammates on the CITY OF HEROES online game. When Jeff pre-ordered his copy of MYTHOS from me this year, he requested that I draw his principle character, SATURN-KNIGHT for him. I hope you like the book and the artwork, Jeff!


Another MYTHOS drawing, here’s Mike Mignola’s Hellboy, going out to John Harman (a.k.a. Harmakhet on the Ugga Bugga board). I hope you like it, John; it’s always fun to get a chance to draw this character. I’m a huge fan of “Hellboy”; I really enjoyed drawing this. Look for your book and drawing in your mailbox very soon.

“Dark Knight” Robin

From Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns,” here’s Carrie Kelly as the slingshot-wielding Robin. This one’s going out to NickGuy on PJ. Book will be in the mail tomorrow, man!

The Ghost Who Walks

Another MYTHOS sketch, this one’s for Ed. It’ll be in the mail tomorrow, Ed!