Back from HeroesCon 2009!

HeroesCon was a big success this year!  My wife and I had a lot of fun hanging out with our good friend Micah Harris and his entourage, Mike Howell and his son Jordan.  Also in attendence:

  • Cartoonist  and colorist supreme, Nate Lovett
  • Sequential artist extraordinaire, Jeremy Dale,  and his wife, Kelly Dale, who slings a mean inking brush!
  • The multi-talented and always funny Dash Martin (it was a pleasure meeting his girlfriend Jane!)
  • Artist and good friend Chris Barnes (who drew me a great sketch of MOGARR, and kept me in stitches all weekend with his crazy sense of humor)

I kept busy doing sketches at my table throughout the weekend, but I did manage to find a moment to drop by the table of my bud Paul Maybury to talk a little with him about brush inking. I had the pleasure to see a couple of the con sketches Paul was working on too–cool stuff!

I also got to meet B.P.R.D. comic artist, Guy Davis, whose work I’ve been a fan of for many years.  Guy was super nice!  I wanted to meet Guy at last year’s HeroesCon, but I was swamped with sketches at my own table all weekend and missed out on catching him at his to get some sketches. Guy was kind enough to draw a few sketches for me before the start of the Convention, so I stopped by to pick those up, drop off a copy of MYTHOS for him, and I picked up copies of his while I had the chance. Guy did nice drawings  of the Shadow and Hellboy for me, and  a sweet sketch of the Marquis for my good friend Olli Hihnala (aka Korintic on DeviantArt). For those of you who are fans of Davis’ art, enjoy this scan of those sketches.

I got to meet several of the artists from Penciljack at HEROESCON this year. Bat Hill dropped by to pick up his Rocketeer drawing, and was a super nice guy to talk with!  Bat  is a talented artist in his own right, and will be a big name in the comic industry some day– no doubt about it!   PJ’er “Humblerthanyou” stopped by and got a sketch of the Martian Shapesmith (from INVINCIBLE), and I got to again see several other PJ’ers  that I’ve had the pleasure meeting in the past!

Got to meet some nice guys from who were working on a charity piece. They taped me as I contributed a sketch and told me that they were taping all the HeroesCon panels; those vids will be up on their site in a couple of weeks. Check them out and tell them Loston sent you!

I can’t say thank you enough to every one who came by to pick up a print, book, or sketch. I was a little suprised and very touched at how well the SUPER FRIENDS books did. A father and son came by the table and the dad told me SUPER FRIENDS: FLYING HIGH was the first book his son ever read–that made my day!  THANK YOU ALL!

Finally, I can’t end this post without thanking Shelton Drum and his crew at Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find for all their hard work. HeroesCon is a labor of love; these folks are the best!

That’s it for my HeroesCon wrap-up. Now it’s back to work!

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