Suicide Squad #2 with Colors by Steve Downer


The dynamic duo of Wallace and Downer strikes again!

Suicide Squad Commission 2 Colors by Steve Downer

“It’s clobberin’ time!” once again…now in blazing color!


Feast your eyes on my Thing Collage image, with the awesome digital hues by my buddy, Steve Downer! It’s always a pleasure to collaborate with Steve on projects because we seem to mesh very well together. Please check out more of Steve’s art and colors on his website:

Also stop in and check out [...]

Zatanna and a Couple of Boobs: Now in Color!


Here’s the finished colors on “Zatanna and a Couple of Boobs!” I think the colors turned out well, and I’d especially like to thank Steve Downer for his advice on how to approach the color on the background elements. This piece was a lot of fun, so I hope you enjoy the full color humor.


Suicide Squad Cover–Now in Color!

Steve Downer, the colorist on “LORNA: RELIC WRANGLER,” delivers a fantastic job on my Suicide Squad commission. I thought you all would enjoy checking it out first-hand.

Great job, Steve!

Suicide Squad in Color


Incredible Hulk

I did this black and white illustration of the Incredible Hulk for my good friend Steve Funnell, AKA BrokenHill. Steve is an illustrator who also creates metal sculptures. You can check out his work at

Steve is a big fan of the classic Marvel characters, so I wanted to give his Hulk drawing a [...]

The Rocketeer with colors by Steve Downer

I loved doing this piece, but now it’s even better! Check out these awesome colors from Steve Downer!

Steve’s done fantastic work for Marvel and DC. If you’re not familiar with him, do yourself a favor and check out his site: Tell him Loston sent ya!

Pencils by Loston, colors by Steve Downer