Ben Grimm: Clobberin’ Time!

This piece was done for my good friend, Steve Funnell (, who might be the greatest Thing fan of all time! Steve and I are both fans of the classic Kirby-era FANTASTIC FOUR, so it seemed only fitting that I make this drawing a salute to Jack Kirby, Joe Sinnott, Stan Lee and the classic [...]


Leaping about with the city of Bludhaven behind him, Nightwing is on the lookout for criminals great and small! This piece was a lot of fun to do. I drew this for‘s annual “Christmas Art Swap.” I was very pleased with how this turned out. I haven’t read a Nightwing book since the late [...]

Father’s Day

FATHER’S DAY is the latest horror flick from TROMA STUDIOS (the people who brought us TOXIC AVENGER). When the director of the film commissioned me to draw an image featuring the lead characters from the movie, I was happy to oblige. He was kind enough to help me with reference materials, and I set out [...]

Cup Cake Assassin

This was an unusual commission. It was for someone in Malaysia who wanted to present the image as a gift–a digital background for her friend’s computer. The idea here is that a female assassin has slain another lady via a poison kiss, stealing her giant cupcake! Out on the balcony, the assassin wields her sugar-sweet [...]

Zatanna Commission

This was a commission of one of my favorite DC characters! Zatanna (“Zee” to her friends) is just updating her facebook status with a little help from her magic spell. Who needs typing when you can wave a wand and say stuff backwards? LOL.

Zatanna updates Facebook


Suicide Squad Commission 2

This is another SUICIDE SQUAD cover done for collector, Bill Cox. It features the Squad about to have a showdown with Gorosaurus. The Squad is flying via Bell Rocket Belts, while Gorosaurus is wrecking the Arc De Triomphe in Paris. Paris has sure taken a beating in these last two commissions! This piece was drawn [...]