Commission: Smallville’s Chloe Sullivan

Recently a gentleman named Wes contacted me about doing a commission for his wife, Nessie, who had just received a promotion at work. Nessie’s birthday was fast approaching, and Wes wanted to surprise her with something special. Both were fans of the CW television series,  SMALLVILLE, so I was asked to draw a cast member [...]

Nate Lovett: Colorist Extraordinare!

Nate Lovett is a talented cartoonist who is also a heck of a colorist. Nate was kind enough to grace some of my pencil art with some hues, so I thought I’d post some of those. Check out his color skills on my Buffy, Hellboy and the Phantom drawings! I’m particularly fond of the Phantom [...]


Cory McNutt received his copy of MYTHOS and his free art a few weeks back.  Being a fan of Greek Myths, I was very happy to obligue Cory when requested that I draw his MINOTAUR hero for him! It sure was fun to illustrate!




Jeff Bigler is a good friend of mine, and a talented artist in his own right.  He and I used to be teammates on the CITY OF HEROES online game. When Jeff pre-ordered his copy of MYTHOS from me this year, he requested that I draw his principle character, SATURN-KNIGHT for him. I hope you [...]

Bayani and Planet Girl

Here’s a couple more of the free drawings I did for Kris Fenol, who pre-ordered two copies of my 2009 sketchbook, MYTHOS. The first drawing is of Kris’s character, BAYANI, a martial arts hero with the power to manipulate fire into weapontry!  The second character, PLANET GIRL is a creation of Marcy Fitz-Randolf. Hope you [...]


Here’s a drawing I did of Steve Rude and Mike Barron’s NEXUS character. For those of you who live under a rock, NEXUS was first published in the ’80s, and enjoyed a 101 issue run, recently coming to a close with the “SPACE OPERA” storyline.   I enjoyed NEXUS tremendously, and Steve Rude’s incredible artwork has made [...]

Solid Snake

Another “MYTHOS” drawing; this one for Jason: “Solid Snake” from the Metal Gear Solid–complete with mullet! Thanks, man!

Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid