Gazoge: The Asperity Warlock

Packaging art for Boss Fight Studio’s Gazoge: The Asperity Warlock action figure.
Sweet colors by Steve Downer.

Black Angel

Cover for an upcoming edition of HEROES OF THE GOLDEN AGE from Temporal Comics.

Dynamo vs. Moon Girl!

Leonidas Lunchbox!

More for Boss Fight Studio… the Leonidas Lunchbox. How cool is that?

Available for pre-order here, andĀ video here.
And a shot of the lunchbox:

Darvold Elven Swordmaster!

My latest for Boss Fight Studio: The card back for the fierce Darvold Elven Swordmaster figure. Color by the talented Steve Downer.

You can get pre-order it fromĀ Megalopolis.

And a shot of the figure:



The Old Witch

Boss Fight Studio Gladiators Deluxe Accessory Kit!

This is some of what I hinted at a while back… I’ve been doing some work for Boss Fight Studio. First up is the box art for the amazing Gladiators Deluxe Accessory Kit.

I had already been collecting their figures (Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S.), so it was a blast to be able to work on this.